Women’s tennis bleg

If you people remember, women’s tennis underwent a radical change in the 90s. In terms of attire that is. Out went the staid t-shirt and “normal” mini-skirt went out. And in came in what people started calling the “tennis dress” (there was no better description for that). Maybe I missed watching a couple of grand slams but suddenly become much more glamorous!

Old-timers like Graf didn’t change. Neither did Navratilova who stuck to her shorts. People like them didn’t need to. This was also around the time when Kournikova came in. And did everything but win a tournament. Pierce had also made her comeback sometime around then, and had now earned the sobriquet “the body”. Then came the Williams sisters who started designing their own crazy dresses. And soon practically everyone was wearing the new “tennis dresses”.

All this is fine but I don’t seem to remember how it all started. There was a definite point of inflexion somewhere then, which I think I’ve missed.
There must’ve been one pioneer who started this. And made the world follow her. Do you remember who? Do you remember when exactly this was? I don’t seem to be finding any material on this on the web. Can you please help me out? Can you please tell me stories? About how this happened?

As an aside, Baada points out that this year’s Australian final between Ivanovic and Sharapova is easily the sexiest ever in a long time; maybe since Graf beat Mary Joe Fernandez at the French in 1993.??

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