The Udupi Swamis

It’s ridiculous that the swamis of the mutts in Udupi are fighting in public like this. They are generally well-respected figures and thousands come to fall at their feet (note: wtihout touching them) every year. In this context, it’s important for these swamis to set an example for their followers.

Instead they go about fighting over some succession issues! Ok these issues are everywhere, but the swamis being the models they should be, would do well to keep things within themselves and present an honorable face to the public.

I’m not sure if these chaps will continue to get the respect of people after all this naatak.

PS: For those without background info, the Puttige swami, who has taken control of the mutt (by rotation) today, had gone abroad a few years back. So the other swamis think he’s “impure” and so doesn’t deserve to head the mutt. And they’ve been fighting. There have been fasts and counter-fasts. They have gone to court. The swamis of the protesting mutts have even boycotted the handover ceremony (which happened overnight yesterday). Kind of behaviour more suited to politicians than to “spiritual gurus”.

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