he was the “common man” of IIMB. common dog, rather. like the pug in the hutch ad, wherever you go he would follow. he has made his presence felt by shaking a leg and a tail at L^2 parties. he has attended many a class, and has even slept through some of the more boring ones. he has followed us around all over campus, but never out of it. he has stood by, watching, as we played wing cricket. he has been there at every pizza order-in, waiting patiently for the leftovers and crumbs – sometimes he’s been rewarded with a whole piece.

and yeah, if you say that the most important thing in an IIM is placements, our man even attends PPTs. he made himself comfortable on the floor of auditorium during the Merrill Lynch PPT, leading to a wisecrack from the presenter (something to the effect that junior represents the average associate at ML – all of them work like dogs or somethings).

just like gundu rao, the mess staff, the walls and the trees, junior will remain a fixture at IIMB. hopefully. for there was an attempt to clear the campus of dogs a couple of months ago.

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