long time

something seems to be wrong with me nowadays. my blogging quefrency seems to have been decimated. and the stuff i churn out is also not the kind i can call “good”. in general, creativity seems to have disappeared from my life.

pretty disturbing trend, i must say. wonder whatz happened to me.

the other day i started writing a post on why my BTech project is not fraud. then i realized i hadn’t been able to explain the technical stuff too well. Cancelled the post. then there were a couple of other posts i wanted to put but cancelled.

anyways, have you ever faced a situation where you’ve been offered job A while you covet job B? And you have to decide about job A before you sit for B’s interview? well, as part of my project, i proved that there is no algorithm/heuristic to get you out of such sticky situations. profound right? and the examiners said it was the worst project report they’d ever read!

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