playing to the gallery

yesterday and today, IIMB hosted a mini performing arts fest. invitation based only for a few arts and science colleges in bangalore(notable non-invitee was MES college, which usually wins Saarang Choreo – probably our TDC culcom decided MES is too KT to be called).

it’s obvious that given our deadlines, etc. we can’t practice as much as these arts and science colleges and hence there’s little chance we can win. in the circumstance, our performers did a wonderful job by simply playing to the gallery…

nice insight… if you know you can’t win, at least play to the gallery!

ps: there was a “cheering competition” because of which there was quite a bit of noise from the crowd. in fact, i never knew that our own IIMB junta can emulate the Padayappas of Pachaiyappa who throng the backbenches at CLT during saarang… and arbitly hoot…

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